Guest Bloggers Series

When we started Field Notes, we were determined to be read by others outside the St. John’s community. To that end, we established our Guest Bloggers Series, where each Friday, our work colleagues would share their stories with us. Our Guest Bloggers Series serves multiple purposes, and it truly benefits everyone involved.

Our correspondents have an effective networking tool at their disposal: the ability to offer a publishing opportunity to their colleagues. Our guest bloggers are able to effectively communicate with everyone back home and update their friends and family about their experiences. Our readers benefit from an increased amount of content, and from a richer portrait of experiences from more perspectives than just St. John’s students. And Field Notes benefits from being read by a larger audience than it otherwise would reach.

For the 2012 Summer, the Guest Bloggers Series will focus on The Hague.

Week 1: Diversity in The Hague by Andrew Muiruri (6 July 2012)

Week 2: Friendships in The Hague by Audrey Feldman (13 July 2012)

Week 3: Learning Dutch by Daniel Slavin (20 July 2012)

Week 4: “Going Dutch” by Mary DeLuca (27 July 2012)


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