Friday Recap: Benelux States & How Soccer Explains the World

On Tuesday, I participated in an ICTY Interns Advocacy Training Course. On Wednesday I wrote about the experience for Field Notes. And today, you can see a picture of me cross-examining a witness. Unfortunately the picture below was the best one that involves me, but for the entire album, please click here (credit Dominic Kennedy from ADC-ICTY).

Thomas Hughes is spending his Fall 2012 semester working at NATO. He is St. John’s inaugural NATO extern and I could not think of a better student from my class to represent our school. Since Belgium and Netherlands are tied at the hip (see:  Benelux States), I am meeting up with him for the weekend in Amsterdam. Not to leave Luxembourg out of the fun, our Guest Blogger next week, Mary DeLuca, will be spending this weekend visiting the third member of Benelux. Hopefully she touches on her experience in Luxembourg next Friday. Thomas gets into Amsterdam tonight and we will be at the Amsterdam ArenA tomorrow for the international club friendly between Ajax and Celtic. We expect to take some pictures and will try and post them over the weekend.

On Sunday we will release next week’s schedule for Field Notes. For the fourth week in a row, we expect new content from different correspondents each day.

– Joshua


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